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ADAC SimRacing Expo 2021: Get COVID Tests Right At The Nürburgring
user-iconYannik Haustein

With the pandemic situation still fluctuating every day, planning trips can be a bit of a challenge. Some community comments have made us aware that the availability of COVID tests are a concern for a lot of potential visitors of ADAC SimRacing Expo 2021. – but they do not have to be.

At the time of writing this article, most public events require a document confirming you have either been vaccinated, tested or have fully recovered after an infection. Looking at some of your feedback, sim racers interested in attending the Expo are concerned especially about the testing situation. The good news is that you can get tested right at the Nürburgring.

Right across from the start/finish straight, a testing center is set up in the ring°carré. There, you will be able to get tested without an appointment, and the center is open for all three Expo days. Should you need a test to get into the event or need one to make your way home if you are visiting from another country, the ring°carré center is your best and most convenient option. Your result will show up on your smartphone within 15 minutes.

Additionally, there are further testing sites in nearby Adenau at Kirchstraße 26 (appointment recommended - site is in German but Google Translator works relatively well) and Im Broel 1 in the parking lot of the supermarket in that location.

We are very happy to be back at the Nürburgring after the forced break of 2020 and hope to welcome you at the Expo as well! Even with the current restrictions and regulations, it is going to be a great weekend. You can grab your tickets here - join us at the SimRacing event of the year!


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Yannik Haustein